Time: The present, in whichever century you may be reading this.

Place: A small room somewhere in the blogosphere.

studyThrough an open door a grey-haired, youthful-looking (some might even say handsome, although they also might not) man is seen sitting at a desk.  He is deep in thought, as if he were contemplating the meaning of life or perhaps where he had left his glasses.  In front of him lies a thin silver tray with the symbol of an apple on top.  The man opens the tray, which becomes transformed into a keyboard and screen.  Along the bottom of the screen are a number of unusual hieroglyphics with which the man is clearly familiar as he taps on the keyboard. Immediately  an image of remarkable beauty appears, which over the next hour is seen to change constantly, much to his apparent frustration.  This frustration is exacerbated when a black cat leaps onto the desk landing on the keyboard, at which point the screen goes blank, and the man is heard to exclaim  #∆Ω

He turns towards you and with a warm and welcoming smile speaks:

Welcome; bienvenido; välkommen; пожаловать; bem-vindo; vítejte; maligayang pagdating; i mirëpritur; καλωσόρισμα; willkommen; ברוך הבא; benvenuto; 歓迎; आपका स्वागत है; velkomnir; selamat datang; 환영; dialu-alukan; pōhiri; тавтай морилно уу; soo dhaweyn; powitanie; kuwakaribisha; ترحيب; bamukelekile; স্বাগত; teretulnud;  欢迎; chào đón; ยินดีต้อนรับ; karşılama; tervetuloa; akeyi; dobrodošli; خوش آمدید.

Thank’s for dropping by.  I know you have missed the first two acts, but you haven’t missed very much.  It’s all ancient history now anyway. What lies ahead is much more interesting.  Of course only time will tell…


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