Hero to Zero: Day 15

Day 15: Today’s assignment: open the Customizer and try out some new fonts and colors (and backgrounds and/or headers, if you’re still undecided).

Been there, done that today.  Ended up where I started, which is fine, particularly as I like the look of theotherpalette so far. I tried different colours, fonts, backgrounds and columns, which was a valuable exercise to see all the possible options. It’s like a Sunday buffet where there is always so much choice but you end up with your usual: granola, toast, eggs, bacon, and maybe some fruit and yoghurt. At least I now know what else there is to eat on my WordPress theme’s smorgasbord!

Here’s one more window post for the Weekly Photo Challenge:

Guildford Nursing iGuildford Nursing ii

These beautiful and meaningful stained glass windows I know will touch a chord with all the dedicated nurses amongst you to whom we owe our thanks each and every day.


Zero to Hero: Day 14

Day 14: Bloggers Choice

…Almost half way to becoming a blogging “hero”. A shoutout to all you other demi-heroes!

Yesterday I added a blogroll finally, and today I posted a comment on one of my favorites, Hills + Bridges in which Kristy submitted another wonderful post, this time to the Weekly Photo Challenge and entitled “she’ll kiss away your gypsy fears and turn some restless nights to restless years.” I love her combination of photography, writing and music.  The photograph is gorgeous and I couldn’t resist commenting that, “I think I’m in love with your window”. Take a look and you’ll see why.

Since this is Bloggers Choice today, here is a submission that I was going to make to The Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Ligure iiiThe small water colour of houses with red roofs and black windows was inspired by an altar in the Cathedral of Finale Ligure in Italy.  The simple abstract quality of the houses in the centre of the marble plinth looks so contemporary and yet the altar itself is many hundreds of years old…