Zero to Hero: Day 16

Day 16: Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalized take on today’s Daily Prompt, which is about “Reputation”.

…Sir Astley Cooper was one of the greatest English surgeons of the nineteenth century who taught surgery to students at Guy’s Hospital in London.  This quotation is taken from his “Lecture notes on surgery for students” which he wrote in 1796.”

Astley Cooper “Let us for a moment consider what are the diseases, which in the commencement of your medical career, you will be more particularly required to treat.  Inflammations are common. Cases of wounds of different parts. Compound fractures. Diseases of Joints. Tumours, and the various forms of the venereal diseases. These are the diseases, which at first setting out on life you will be called to, and an ignorance of which will expose you to the hazard of losing that which is of infinitely more value than gold; the loss of reputation.

The steel engraving is after the portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence…


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