Zero to Hero: Day 20

Day 20: Today’s assignment: add a new page to your blog.


Another “small step for man,” although definitely not a “giant leap for mankind”. There are now menu items in addition to my about page as you can see. The benefit of having a Test blog, which is private fortunately, has allowed me to troubleshoot this whole process over the past three hours! The Zero to Hero posts can now be visited sequentially; the Weekly Photo Challenge and Travel are highlighted; and there is a link to my other site, thechangingpalette.  I would call this a successful day.

A final accolade was receiving a warm and wonderful comment from “big brother’ who is always caringly watching over us.  It notes that the stats on my “Test Blog” are “booming” with over 40 hourly views.  I think this notification is deserving of a special quotation,

Your stats are booming! Looks like “My Test Blog” is getting lots of traffic.

The question is whether or not to admit to the traffic being all me!

The photograph of Buzz Aldrin descending from the lunar module is 
courtesy of NASA

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