Zero to Hero: Day 25

Day 25: Browse the blogs you follow and note a custom touch you love. Tell the blogger you love it, and interpret it for your own blog.

Deb Gale’s site Carry My Camera and Tina Schell’s Travels and Trifles are two great photographic sites that I always look forward to visiting.  I particularly like Deb’s list of “Others liked” in her sidebar and have been trying to re-create it in mine today, without much success. I suspect it may be that my Theme, Twenty Eleven, doesn’t allow me to create the small thumbnails with adjacent text that Deb uses in hers.  For today’s post I have added some of my favored posts to my sidebar but the effect is not quite what I had hoped for; to be continued as a work in progress.

One of the great pleasures of Tina’s posts, other than the wonderful photographs, is reading the quotation that accompanies each image. Take a look at her Temples of Angkor and enjoy one of the best examples of a photo essay you could hope to find.  Her first quote from E. A. Bucchianari, “Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas” is one for us all to learn from.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

Charles Caleb Colton


6 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 25

  1. I too love Travels and Trifles Andrew. Like you, apart from the superb photos, I love the aptness of Tina’s quotes…. and you did well to end yours with an appropriate quote too! Coral

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