Zero to Hero: Day 8

Create an About page, or revisit and improve the one you have; or How to make your About page Irresistible.

…So this is the one I’ve been waiting for with a certain degree of trepidation as I have never made an “about” page since I started blogging last May. This may well take a day or two for me to complete but I thought you might like to witness the process I am going through having read, a number of times I might add, the recommended article from the Daily Post About Page 101: Making Them Care, and feeling more intimidated each time I read it: must avoid “flowery verbs”, whatever they are;  no “unnatural chunks of snooze-text”; no creating “gut-wrenching yawns”. Oh my goodness I’m not sure I can go on…will I ever reach “hero” status in 30 days?

Since my blogs have been mainly photographic in nature I thought these images will show you how I am following the five steps of “About 101”, which address:  you, me, the blog, links and an opening sentence. I’m a long way from being there yet but when I arrive you’ll be the first to know (if you are interested in following me that is!)
about iabout ii
to be continued…


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