Zero to Hero: Days 11 & 12

Days 11 & 12: Inspired by the community

….Yesterday was a day of priorities for me, which is why I missed catching the Zero to Hero post. However, I assure you I was following, reading and commenting whenever I could. For me this is the rewarding part of blogging, connecting with others and being inspired by them. For todays assignment I would like to tell you about two really positive online interactions I had with two of our fellow bloggers over the weekend.

The first is with Michelle who posted a wonderful comment on my Window submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. This led to my reflecting on the word “reflection” and to my coming up with an interesting new definition for myself.  She described the image as giving her “…the sense of an opening to an inner landscape,” and as someone for whom the landscape is such an important subject, whether in photography or in painting, this really resonated with me.

Here is my reply:

Thanks Michele. I love your comment as the landscape is always one of my favourite subjects to photograph. You have provided a wonderful definition of the word reflection, which could sometimes mean “looking at the landscape of the mind”. The outside landscape is the macrocosm and the inner the microcosm. Thank you. I hope I have your permission to use it.

Michelle gave me her permission today so thank you again Michelle and here’s a shout out for everyone to visit your wonderful site ilovemyplot.

The second blogger I visited this weekend was clearly having a period of  self-doubt and was questioning whether or not to continue. I was impressed with their honesty and felt some words of encouragement might help, particularly as the blog was so well written and so interesting, and expressed what I think we all must feel from time to time.

This was my comment:

I hope you do finish and continue to blog in your own time and whenever the moment takes you. You’re right, it is time consuming, but I think you will find it gets easier the more you post. Just one photo, one line, or one thought are just as creative as a two page thesis on the meaning of life. Bravo on todays post and I look forward to reading more. Best wishes.

And here is the reply:

Thank you for reading and for your wishes. And I am honored and blushing from your “bravo”. Thank you for your thoughtful advice. I think the answer really is to do this “whenever the moment takes you” as I have found that, yes, a few of the posts were SO exciting to write. I might also try to stick to my pushy idea of every-day-of-this-month and see what happens… Best wishes to you too!

The next morning there was a follow up posted on my blog which truly made my day and demonstrates to all of us in the blogosphere what a few words of encouragement at the right moment can do.

I just found you after you saw my blog and wanted to tell you that scrolling down your page, the colors of your images have just filled me with beauty and given me the most wonderful outlook. It’s like you brought the sun to me. And I love travel and landscapes and really appreciate those greens and that colorful palette, especially in this current cold and grey winter I’m in. So I’m going out for a walk (with the sun inside me)! Thank you!

Perhaps the best comment one could ever hope to receive, and here is my reply:

That’s wonderful to read. I hope the sun shines on you every day.

As you can see I have chosen not to reveal the identity of the blogger or his or her site as I feel that this was a very personal conversation. If they are reading this however I will leave it to them to write a follow-up should they wish to do so but it certainly isn’t necessary.

Two very different conversations that show how worthwhile and rewarding it can be to travel in the blogosphere. To quote from today’s Zero to Hero home page:

…Letting yourself be inspired by other bloggers and comments is an ideal way to explore your own thinking, nurture the conversation and community …

How very true…


Zero to Hero: Day 10

Day 10: Today’s assignment: add and customize two widgets.

…Today is a red letter day! Since I already have customized some widgets I decided to work on my about page.  It’s a work in progress but at least it is finally out there after all these months.  As you can see it bears no resemblance to About Page 101.  I just couldn’t connect all those lines in any meaningful way so I decided to do “something completely different” in the words of Monty Python.  Happy to receive comments positive and negative.   I can take it!…

Zero to Hero: Day 9

Day 9: Head a Little Deeper Into the Blogosphere or The Ten Best Reasons to Travel There!

…This is a good day for blogging!  The Weekly Photo Challenge today was entitled “Window” a subject I love, as clearly do so many others.  My submission on thechangingpalette has been very popular and has resulted in my visiting, communicating and following many wonderful photographic bloggers today.  It also made me think more deeply about the beauty of the blogosphere and as a result have come up with the 10 best reasons that make travelling there so enjoyable:

  • No luggage, passports, visas or vaccinations required.
  • It never rains or snows and flooding is almost never heard of.
  • You can always get a window seat and the toilets are never occupied (well hardly ever)
  • There are no customs officers staring at you with piercing eyes and asking if you have a cross bow or snowboard in your shoulder bag.
  • If you live on a farm or plan to visit a farm, you should.
  • No need to worry about what to wear, ever.
  • You can even travel in your pyjamas and no one will ever know.
  • No time change and so no jet lag
  • Since you travel at the speed of light or sound or something equally as fast, hyper speed perhaps, you arrive before you have ever left.  Amazing!
  • Best of all, your travelling companions are people just like you, so the company is always the best.

How about creating your own list.  I would love to see it and when you do link it here so others can see it too. I might even add to my own list as I think of more good reasons to travel through the blogosphere…